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Jack Passion

Jack Passion is an American author, musician, and media personality, often recognized for his award-winning beard.

Jack Passion: Author

The Facial Hair Handbook offers beard growing and grooming tips for the beard in and on every man, rookie or champion.  Part motivational treatise, part how-to manual, the book is a fun and quick read that makes a great gift. Now in its second printing, The Facial Hair Handbook is available wherever books are sold.

Jack Passion: TV

Jack Passion is the star of IFC’s Whisker Wars, a docu-comedy that follows members of Beard Team USA around the country on their way to the World Beard and Moustache Championships.  Whisker Wars Season 2 premieres on IFC Winter 2012.

Jack Passion: World Beard Champion

Passion has won first prize Natural Full Beard twice; first at the World Beard and Moustache Championships held in Brighton, England, in 2007, and then again Anchorage, Alaska in 2009.  Most recently, he placed second in the category in Trondheim, Norway.

In addition to the world titles, highlight honors include a first place victory at the European Championships, and a first place, perfect score victory at the German Championships, both firsts for any American.

Also notable: “Big Red” has placed, if not won, every event it has been entered in.

Jack Passion: Musician

In 2008, after an entire life of dedication to the art and craft, Jack Passion quit music.  If it sounds dramatic, it’s because it was:  “I couldn’t even listen to music…even one note would call to mind years of the tired beaten-dead-horse cliches that line the record-store-mausoleums of dead, failed dreams.”  Yikes!  And so the silence from the award-winning bass player was as golden as the fleece that grows from his face.  Cynical about music, and preoccupied with his advancing beard career, it wasn’t until being dragged in as producer on a friend’s musical project did Jack agree to dust off the tapes of his grand opus.

A lyrical interpretation of a 19th century impressionist painting, set to a truly American-influenced backdrop of rock ‘n’ roll, Jack Passion’s tentatively-titled “At the Opera,” is an ambitious concept album that is dripping wet with vibe.

Will Passion regroup the Jack Passion Sextet, or even release the record described as “Hot, sweaty, oiled bodies dancing whilst their hearts break and/or they find God?” Nobody knows, not even Jack himself.


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