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The Facial Hair Handbook
Part motivational treatise, part how-to guide, my book contains all my trade secrets for growing and grooming the best facial hair you can. It’s a fun, quick read that makes the perfect gift for any man on your list.

Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap
There simply is no better way to cleanse your beard. Use the bar, and lather it up like you would any soap. Pine tar is amazing on the skin, and won’t strip your beard’s natural oils. Grandpa’s Pine Tar has been around for over 100 years, and the company is family owned. Five star recommendation, full review coming soon.

Cowboy Comb
I’m pleased to announce my endorsement of the Cowboy Comb. The combs look great, but most importantly, they’re functional; featuring a design specific to the needs of facial hair grooming. Best of all, they’re portable but durable. I’ve had one in my pocket for over a year, not even one tooth is missing. “White Hot” Jack Passion Signature Edition AVAILABLE NOW!

VitaBeard Beard Growth Vitamin
VitaBeard is the first and only supplement that will help your beard grow. If you’ve read The Facial Hair Handbook, you know how important diet is to growing a great beard, and VitaBeard has my full recommendation. If you want a great beard, pop a couple of these and start reading The Facial Hair Handbook.

I’m happy to endorse the greatest beard app in the world! Take a picture or use the app to make a time-lapse video of your beard, and then compete against other beards. No beard? That’s fine, you can just rate beards, too. It’s free for iOS, so download it and compete against me: I’m JackPassion!
What do headphones have to do with beards? Not much, but they have a lot to do with my real passion: Music! Use this link to score a discount at the premiere headphones store on the web.